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and expand ▓international cooperation to combat natural disasters.EU and China prepare for 2nd quantum revolutionEU and China prepare for 2nd quantum revolutionEU and China ▓prepare for 2nd quantum revolution05-25-2016 11:51 BJTBy Ralf Ostner, Chinese-English-German translator, base▓d in Munich, GermanyThe European Unio

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n, United States, China, Japan are preparing for the so-called 2nd quantu▓m revolution. The EU plans to invest 1 billion Euros▓ in research for the next 10 years, starting in 2018.A broad community of industries, research institute▓s and scienti

sts aim for Europe to stand at the forefront o▓f bringing transformative advances to science, industry an▓d society, by creating new commercial opportunities to add▓ress global challenges that provide strategic capabilities for security and seeds as yet un-imagined capab▓ilities for the future. Europe's capabilities could lead to long-term economic, scientific and societal benefits for a more sustainable, productive, entrepreneurial and secure EU. Quantum physics was created in ▓Europe in the first decade

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s of the 20th century by young ▓physicists - Bohr, Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg, Schröd▓inger, Pauli, Dirac, Curie, and De Broglie. Europe still plays a leading role with in regards to a broader rese▓arch scope, linking fundamental and applie

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d sciences and engineering. The top institutions can be found Europe-wide, covering basic physics to electronics and computer science. €0.5 billion had been invested over the last 20 years. The EU Future and Emerging Technology (FET) pro

gram has fostered a European scientific community with world-class scientific and technical expertise. Short-term goals (1-5 years):Develop core technology of quantum signal repeaters that work with cryptography capability and eavesdropping detection, enabling ▓long-distance point-to-point quantum-secure links.Discover new algorithms, protocols and fields of application for quantum simulators, computers and communication networks, to analyze and design useful chemical processes.Medium-term goals (5-10 years):Realize versatile si▓mulators of material magnetism and of such electronic properties as superconductivity, supporting the develop▓ment and design of new materials with exotic properties.Simplify quantum sensors so they can be produced ▓at lower costs for larger-volume applications, such as manufacturing, automotive, construction and geo▓-surveying.  Long-term goals (>10 years):Create a secure and fast quantum internet connecting major cities in Europe using quantum repeaters running quantum communication protocols.Build a universal quantum computer to demonstrate the resolution of a p

rs in educational programs,
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